Hello, and Welcome to Learning Python

Learning Python can be as simple as print("Hello, world!"). The goal of this course is to facilitate a few lectures and assignments in order to give you a quick overview of the python programming language.
Don't worry I didn't write each and every lesson, Go a head and move to Lesson 0: The Setup to get started! Lesson 0 will get us setup with python and various other sites/technologies we will be using during the course.

A note about exercises: I do not expect perfect results, this is how you learn programming! As long as you give an honest effort and reach out if you need help to <my short first name>.<my last name>@<google's email>.com
A note about editors: You can use anything you like, for example; Notepad++, vim, or even emacs! I'll leave this as a choice among the reader. Using an editor likes these can help you spot very common erros like a missing bracket or parenthesis.

Credit goes to Kirk Byers [lectures], The Bad Tutorials [lectures], OneStopProgramming [lectures], The New Boston [lectures], Plus other generous YouTubers [lectures], CodeAcademy [exercises], HackerRank [exercises]