Lesson 0: The Setup

Ahh, Python my favorite programming langauge of them all. Before we dive right in let's learn a little how this course will work.

    During this course we'll be utilizing a lot of different services:
  1. Lectures: We will be watching a lot of different lectures from various sources (hosted mainly on YouTube)
  2. After each Lecture I have posted some relevant exercises (mostly from CodeAcademy), the length of time it takes to complete the exercise varies, just do your best
  3. Well use git to host any code. Git is a very powerful tool used by pretty much every company out there now, the sooner you learn git, the more productive you'll be
  4. At the end of the lessons we will also work with HackerRank and Project Euler which are two sites that have Programming challenges (host your code on Git so I can access it easily!)
  5. During the lessons we will communicate by Slack chat, email, or meeting in person if necessary
First things first, let's check if you have python installed. If you're on Mac OS X or Linux you do! Open a terminal and type python you now see a some text indicating what version of python you are using and some blank lines with >>> next to it. I believe a lot of the lectures we will watch are using Python 2.7.X rather than Python 3.X I will explain any differences in the lectures. Watch the lecture below to install python and get started.

Now, if we write any code please share it through github! Git is a powerful tool and the sooner you start using it the better. Here's a link to the simple code sharer that git hosts called gist using this we can quickly send small snipets of code.

Let us go ahead and get started with our first lectures:

Python...what is it? {6 minutes}
Install Python (windows 10) {5 minutes}
Intall Python (Mac OS X) {4 minutes}
What is Git and How to use it {3 minutes}
Creating a Git repository {2 minutes}
Intalling Git {1 minute}
Cloning a repository {1 minute}
Commiting and Pushing {6 minutes}
Pulling Changes {3 minutes}

Lesson 0 Exercise: Install Python! (You can install 2 or 3, just pay attention to the differences)
Lesson 0 Exercise: Get a git account
Lesson 0 Exercise: Get a CodeAcademy account