Ricky Hosfelt

Engineering Manager && Software Developer



Rust, Networking, Open Source Software, Command Line Interfaces, Tooling, DevOps, Python, Linux/Unix, Security/Privacy, Technology for Social Good

Work Experience

Engineering Manger (20220801 - Present) - 1Password

  • Job change due to Technology Department reorganization
  • Current Manager of the Frameworks team in Product, Frameworks, and Tooling organization
  • Manages team of 10
  • Experience building an organization from scratch with peer EMs under the direction of the CTO
  • Focuses on scalability, performance, and correctness of APIs within 1Password code bases (Rust, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript)

Engineering Manager (20210901 - 20220801) – 1Password

  • Managing the Apple Client Apps team [8 developers]
  • Coaching iOS developers through 1-on-1s, general developer advice, and team building activities
  • Spearheading a hiring initiative to standardize the hiring process; including educating new interviewers, helping avoid bias, and increasing diversity at the company
  • Assisting the Swift developers understand Rust and contributing to the Rust codebase by fixing small issues and reviewing code

Senior Developer (20200617 - 20210901) – 1Password

  • Senior Rust Developer for the common backend
  • Worked on platform team in charge of lower layer functions within the codebase
  • Co-engineered localization build script driving all translations throughout all client apps
  • Lead developer for Medical Records implementation – enabled all clients to view and add medical records item types (new and legacy) as well as the backend server logic
  • Pushed forward CI development practices by helping the lead CI engineer with Rust tooling and updates

Software Developer (20190215 - 20200529) – Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

  • Lead Software Developer for xView2 Challenge
  • Developed and maintained xView2 baseline code
  • Interviewed and selected data labelling contractor
  • Maintained discord challenge of hundred of solvers and answered questions on the baseline code, docker, and the challenge

Computer Engineer (20150619 - 20190207) – Department of Defense

  • Selected for Field Assignment to United Kingdom
  • Reverse engineered computer network protocols for traffic identification
  • Engineered network protocol library to parse and manipulate packets (Rust)
  • Mentored interns for six week tours

Lead Analyst (20141018 - 20150618) – Department of Defense

  • Prototyped and deployed parallel network protocol classification algorithm over Hadoop cluster
  • Instructed beginner, intermediate, and expert protocol analysis courses
  • Taught analysis techniques to interns and supervised their projects and progress

Analyst (20130311 - 20141017) – Department of Defense

  • Analyzed protocols to fully understand technology
  • Automated packet identification with python programs

Technical Recruiter (20110118 - 20130310) – Department of Defense

  • Hired, maintained, and coordinated the Cooperative Education Program for 120 STEM positions
  • Developed and sustained website to streamline students transition to full time employees

Programming Languages

  1. Rust
  2. Python
  3. Bash

Open Source

  • Member of Command-Line Working Group (Rust)
  • Leader of Machine Learning Working Group (Rust)
  • Maintainer of cargo-outdated (Rust)
    • Cargo plugin that checks if any project dependencies are out-of-date
    • Creating new features, reviewing PRs, and addressing issues
    • 23K Downloads from Crates.io
  • Creator of Postio (Rust)
    • Experimental encrypted file sender and receiver
  • Creator of lk (Rust)
    • Creates child processes and notifies when they are done
    • Added support for MatterMost (through a small custom library mmrs)
    • Added support for Twilio SMS alerts (through a small custom library twrs-sms)



  • xBD: A Dataset for Assessing Building Damage from Satellite Imagery